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Why Bean & Lily?

Gluten Free, pH neutral, Natural Ingredients, Biodegradable, Septic and Grey Water Safe, Never tested on animals, no synthetic fragrances or sulfates.

Where is Bean & Lily located?

Headquarters are in Cary North Carolina, USA

Does Bean & Lily test on animals?

No but we do test with friends and family. Bean & Lily is a certified member of the Leaping Bunny Program which is committed to high standards for NO animal testing.

Are Bean & Lily products Non-toxic?

Bean & Lily takes safety very seriously. Bean and Lily product ingredients are naturally derived and are not listed as toxic with the consumer product safety commission. There are no government official standards for making the "non-toxic" claim so for this reason we do not do so.

Are you a public company?

We are a privately held company.

What is your return policy?

Problem? No Problem! Please reference our Returns Policy under the CONNECT section of our website for additional info.

Is Bean & Lily available internationally?

Sorry - Not at this time.

Is Bean & Lily available in stores?

Sorry - Not at this time.

Can Bean & Lily ship to a PO box?

Sorry - Not at this time.

What do I do if my product arrives frozen?

Bean & Lily cleaning products are freeze thaw stable. Thaw, shake, and clean on!

Can I track my order?

When your order ships you will receive an email with tracking information.

Is Bean & Lily Laundry formula safe for baby’s clothes?

Yes, our formula is gentle on clothes and does not contain artificial dyes or perfumes that can irritate a babies skin.

What water temperature is best for Bean & Lily Laundry detergent?

For maximum stain lifting warmer water is preferred; however this detergent is effective in Cold Water as well.

Is Bean & Lily Laundry detergent hypoallergenic?


What is MIT/BIT?

MIT is Methylisothiazolinone and BIT is Benzisothiazolinone. These are used as preservatives. Bean & Lily does not use MIT/BIT preservative systems in any of it’s formulations.

Are Bean & Lily products septic and gray water safe?


Do Bean & Lily cleaners include organic coconut oil?


Will Bean & Lily Floor Cleaner leave a buildup on my wood surfaces?

No, Bean & Lily Floor cleaner is a light mild product that is free of wax.

Do you recommend the floor cleaner for other wood surfaces?

Yes, it is effective in cleaning any wood surface except butcher blocks. Floor cleaner is great on stone, ceramic, marble, vinyl, laminate, cork, hard surfaces, rubber, concrete, and more.

Does Bean & Lily include disinfectant?


Can I become a vendor for Bean & Lily?

Thank You for your interest in Bean & Lily. You can find more information about becoming a vendor here.

Can I change my shipping address for an order?

Once the order is completed, the shipping address can not be changed.

Can I see my previous orders?

If you have established an account with Bean and Lily, you may review your previous orders by logging into your account. Otherwise, contact and we will provide you with this information.

How will my charges appear on my credit card statement?

SP * Bean & Lily

How will Paypal payment appear on my credit card statement?

Blue Rule Inc

How will Amazon payment appear on my credit card statement?

Bean and Lily

Do you offer gift wrap?

Not at this time.

Do you offer gift cards?

Not at this time.