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Katy Minner

Katy Minner is President and Co- Founder of Bean & Lily. She began her career in sales while in college. Selling was not the chosen path but a path that chose her. Eventually that path led her to the flooring industry, and an inspirational boss for whom she worked for 17 years: “What a great mentor and teacher.“ Learning all she could, Katy started her own business – Floorscape – with two wonderful partners Richie Barbour and Dale Lambe.

When Katy discovered the perfect pH neutral cleaner, the next chapter in her career began. Based on shared values and complementary work styles, Katy sold Floorscape, and she and Richie started their next partnership – Bean & lily. Katy believes in living a life that honors and serves God and his creations: people, pets and planet. In that regard, she is strongly committed to giving back accordingly. “I was raised by loving parents in a home where Love, Grace and servitude was exemplified.” Katy says she is also enjoying the time she now gets to spend with her brother, Chris, as they work together on Bean & Lily.

When Katy’s not at Bean & Lily...Wait, she’s always at Bean & Lily. But when she has a little downtime, you will find her in her yard gardening, golfing, ping ponging, learning violin, or playing with her two dogs: Bean & Lily.

Richie Barbour

Richie Barbour is Vice President and Co-Founder of Bean & Lily. Richie began his adult life as a divinity student, and spent several years as a youth pastor and then eventually the lead pastor of a congregation. During that time, one of the members of his ministry offered him a job in flooring sales. Richie was intrigued, and soon began a career in selling all types flooring. Richie spent the next 16 years in various sales roles throughout the flooring industry.

During this time he met Katy, and joined forces with her to help build one of the fastest growing flooring companies in North Carolina. “This was one of the most exciting times in my career,” says Richie. “We completely changed the landscape of the flooring market in North Carolina and I am proud to have been a part of that.” With his background in flooring, Richie has become an expert in what it takes to get and keep surfaces clean and beautiful.

Richie knows that giving back to those less fortunate and extending grace to all, in every situation, is the greatest blessing. “One of the things that we always say to each other at home is, lead with grace. Being gracious is the one of the cornerstones of our family,” Richie said.

When Richie’s not at Bean & Lily, you can find him enjoying the outdoors via running, golfing, or fishing. His most prized time however is that spent with Carie his wife and Lawson and Dane their 2 kids.